4 Tips to Stay Motivated this Summer

Don’t let BBQ’s, music festivals, or travel plans get in the way of staying healthy this summer. So many of us work hard to get in shape so we can feel confident at the beach or in our crop top and shorts. However, once summer is here our hard work goes out the window with all the ballpark hot dogs, beer and ice cream!

So I’m sharing some tips and tricks to help you stick with your workout routine and not lose the motivation to stay healthy all summer! Here are my favorite tips to keep you moving.

1. Keep it Fresh
Many of us tend to plateau or get bored with our workout routine. My first tip when it comes to staying motivated is finding something that you actually enjoy doing. When it comes to fitness, you need to remember that the same routine won’t work for everyone. It’s not “one size fits all”. Nowadays there are so many different ways you can workout, you just need to find one that makes you get up and move. Whatever it is, it should make you excited to keep going and motivated to work towards reaching your goals!

Recent Barry’s Bootcamp class in SoMa, with some new friends.

I personally love group classes! Not just because I teach them, this has been a love of mine for many years they have variety, providing fresh and fun workouts while still challenging you. In a group class, you have an instructor that has created a full workout for you. All you have to do is show up, be nice (my personal preference) and do what the instructor says! SUPER EASY, well kinda…..the workout will be hard but it will be less mental work. You just need to find a class style you like, Barre, Spin, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Bootcamp, your options are endless.

I teach classes at MNTSTUDIO in SF, I would love to have you join me for some Barre or Pilates. However, if you’re not in my area, I recommend checking out ClassPass to find a group class that fits your style. They have different types of classes, so you can try different studios until you find one that you really enjoy.

 2. Recruit a Buddy
Having a workout buddy makes it difficult to cancel your workout since your friend is relying on you to show up. Also, your friend is more likely to call you out if you do cancel which no one likes being a flake. If you’re that flaky friend be careful to not ditch them too often, they have a busy life just like you!

Personally, I find that having a workout buddy keeps me honest with myself on how hard I’m actually working, but it is also fun. When I find something is super hard during class I tend to laugh, so having a friend to laugh with is always a plus for me. I also feel like I work harder when I know my friend might be watching.

3. Join a Race
By joining a race you will have a deadline for you to prepare for the event. So you won’t be able to steer off your training pass or else you won’t be ready. Plus these event style races are so much FUN. Think of getting a little cardio in by running through blue, pink, purple and yellow powder!! My hair had a light tint of purple for a couple of days, so don’t do it around any big events if you’re blonde. Another option if you’re a total badass….you can crawl through some mud or climb over a wall. Having a race or event is a nice way to keep you moving because it gives you a set date you have to be prepared by. Whereas with just trying to stay healthy you might lose motivation with no specific goal or dates in mind.

After my first color run in 2013 at Candlestick Park.

I did the Color Run with some friends and had such a great time. I’m not a big fan of running so it was nice that it was only a 5k (3.1 miles). Also, a lot of people do walk so if you’re not yet able to run 3 miles take a little walking break, you’re still outside and getting your cardio in and that’s what matters!

A couple of my friends have done the Spartan races. They have three different levels Sprint (3miles), Super (10miles) and Beast (13 miles). These races are definitely difficult and require training. You will need to have a lot of upper body, and core strength for the obstacles along with long endurance cardio to make it through the entire course.

4.  Pump Up the Jams
Music always makes me want to move. Listening to the right playlist can make a big difference in the outcome of your workout. Studies have shown that playing music while working out can uplift your mood and even make exercise seem easier. Try to find songs that have strong, energizing rhythms, uplifting melodies, and motivating lyrics. For me, music makes working out so much more enjoyable. Some songs just make me feel good, even during a tough class!

In order for a song to be motivating the beat per minute (bpm) is very important. Having songs that are above 120bpm help to get you pumped and motivated to keep going. I prefer songs with a bmp between 120 – 155. I recommend getting Spotify, I love being able to create my own playlist for different workouts and find new songs.

I hope these four tips help you stay motivated and healthy this summer! Please share below if you find something else that works for you, who knows it might work for someone else too. 🙂

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