Workout Equipment You Can’t Travel Without

So often we get into a fitness routine and then right when we notice some changes and feeling strong everything seems to go out the window because a mandatory work trip pops up and we don’t workout for a week and struggle to get back into it when we return. This is so common, whether we are traveling for work or for fun. To help you stay on track I’ve picked out 5 lightweight and compact workout essentials that are perfect to throw in your suitcase and take on the road. It’s recommended that you work out at least 10 minutes a day to stay healthy, so bringing these items you can fit in a workout no matter where you are!


1. Resistance Bands
These bands are very lightweight and compact you can basically cram them anywhere, without sacrificing shoe space. Resistance bands offer a variety of tension to help you burn fat and tone your whole body. You can easily turn any room into a full gym with these bad boys!



2. Jump Rope
You can get an amazing cardio workout with any old jump rope. They take up very little space and are perfect for when your hotel doesn’t have any cardio machines or it’s raining outside. Plus I feel like their is something nostalgic about jumping rope. If you want to “jump” your game up a notch tho check out a weighted jump rope, it perfect if you’re looking to get a little extra arm workout. However, keep in mind it’s weighted so don’t over pack!


3. Gliders
I probably have clients request gliders in class at least once a week. Gilders have a way of making you love and hate them all at the same time. These are super easy to travel with as they are just a flat circle, you can also cheat and just use a face towel from the hotel. The gliders easily slide on the floor to create more instability for your workout. If you’re creative you can workout your entire body with these little circles.


4. Magic Circle
Take your Pilates routine everywhere you go. The magic circle helps target your muscles in your upper and lower body with a little extra resistance to up the intensity. It is also the perfect size to toss into your luggage.


5. Suspension Training
I’m sure you’ve heard of TRX, that style of exercise is called suspension training. All you need is a sturdy door frame to attached your equipment to and you’re all set. With these straps you can bring your workout to a whole new “angle”. You will be using your body weight while changing the angle your body is typically in for common exercises like squats and push-ups to challenge your stability and even range of motion.


Now that you know what to bring, you just need to remember to pack them. If you have any pieces of equipment that you love to bring with you while traveling let me know.

Not sure how to use these items? I will be posting work outs for you to use while traveling. Here is my recent 3 move glider workout.

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