How Le Tote Helped me Change to be a Business Professional

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Over the past several months my wardrobe has been slowing transforming and I’m loving it. When I landed my first real ‘office job, I realized that I had been living in workout clothes for almost 4 years and hadn’t purchased any “real life” clothing. I didn’t even have enough professional clothes to get through my first week at my new job. EKKK!  

After doing a little research, I stumbled upon Le Tote. If you have no clue what it is, Le Tote is an online subscription-based clothing rental company. The idea is to be able to have clothes for any event, in real-time, sent to your door. LeTote stylists do their best to match outfits to your style. If you decide that a particular piece isn’t right for you, they provide a prepaid label so you can easily return at your convenience. Thankfully, I was able to purchase a few items that I knew I NEEDED in my everyday wardrobe.  

“The idea is to be able to have clothes for any event, in real-time, sent to your door.”

When I originally created my account, I filled out a questionnaire about my style, what I’m looking for, and my general size range. Based off my answers, LeTote puts together a few outfits that fit my style and body preferences. Once the recommended pieces are created, you can either choose to keep those options or look around for different things you might like to try. I chose a few of the options they picked out but selected a few others on my own that I wanted to try. Here are some of the items I was sent to try, to give you an idea of the clothes:

With working full-time, plus Pilates, my dog, and social life, I knew I wasn’t going to have time to go shopping for new clothes. This was such a great option for me, especially since I went straight from one job to the next, with no downtime in between. Another benefit is that once you’ve worn the items, you can place them back in the prepaid mailer to return without having to wash them. WHOHOOO! I don’t know about you but I already have enough laundry each week as it is, especially now that I live with my boyfriend. ugh #Adulting

“I was shocked by how fast I was to get my new outfits.”

Once I approve the box, it ships out and I typically receive my package within 2 days. I was shocked by how fast I was to get my new outfits. It made me happy realizing that time wasn’t being wasted just waiting around for the clothes since the subscription is monthly. Everything I see on their site always looks the same, if not very similar in person, and always feels of the very high quality. The large variety of clothing is very useful as well. I love that I can pick business casual or fancy outfits for when we nicer have events at work or for a night on the town.

So far, I’ve loved all my items from LeTote! Most of the items I’ve been absolutely in love with are from the brand Olive & Oak. The fun of getting surprised by clothing that I can wear if I want or not is definitely something I look forward to. Either way, I’m loving this whole Le Tote thing.

Thanks to Le Tote, I’m dressing like a boss babe and am feeling more confident in my new look more than ever. Le Tote has become my fashion go-to for keeping my wardrobe refreshed, and I can’t express enough how much peace-of-mind it has given me. I’m impressing everyone at the office and don’t have to waste time finding a style that suits me when my personal stylist (Le Tote) knows me so well!

**I haven’t been paid for this article. This is just my experience and opinion on Le Tote. If you would like to try it out enjoy a special discount from Le Tote, by clicking here.

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