Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is quickly approaching. I want to help you make this year one to remember….for a good reason. (OH 2020!)

When we think of Father’s Day gifts it’s sad that we don’t think about the men in our lives. Skincare is truly for everyone, men are just as prone to wrinkles, sun damage. Truly men need more help since they are less likely to use preventative like sunscreen which can lead to higher rates of skin cancer. I don’t know about your dad but my dad spends hours in the yard mowing or outside working on the house so he needs all the protection he can get.

Here are FIVE of my favorite products to help our guys feel their best with healthy, and youthful looking skin. These products will help reduce dry skin, soothe irritation from shaving and diminish fine lines. Get your Dad/ Husband/Fur daddy some skincare and show them how much you care about keeping their skin healthy and safe.

Message me (CaliforniaCarlie (AT) gmail.com with any questions to place an order. As a customer of mine I can get you a 10% discount! I’m here to help. You can check out all the other amazing skincare products, here!