Fashionable Fitness Trackers You’ll Never Take Off

Say goodbye to your bulky, unappealing black plastic smartwatches and HELLO to sleek, stylish and 18k gold! You no longer have to sacrifice your fashion for your health. These 7 fitness trackers will help you stay on top of your daily goals this summer.

Tory Burch X Fitbit
This super chic leather double wrap design from Tory Burch for Fitbit, is perfect for your evening outs. You get all the benefits of the Fitbit Flex hidden by the sleek maze that’s Tory Burch signature. Track your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned—even how much you’ve slept, while not losing any street cred….
This gorgeous gold bangle is able to track your fitness activity, send vibration notifications from your phone, and even alert the police if you’re in trouble. The bracelets distress messaging sends your location to a list of preset emergency contacts.
Misfit Ray
One of the most versatile and stylish wearable trackers. Have the freedom of tracking Running, Swimming, Cycling, Yoga, Tennis, and even Dancing while wearing this as a bracelet or necklace. With this sleek design no one will even know that is can do all of that!
Ringly Aries Activity Tracker & Smart Ring
The best blend of fashion and fitness. You can get a wearable ring or bracelet that matches any outfit in 18k gold with emeralds, sapphires or obsidian. You can get discreet notifications with different vibrations. This Ringly ring accurately tracks activity, steps taken and calories burned.

Jawbone UP3 
This super chic fitness tracker can monitor your sleep patterns, Calories burned, heart rate and or your step during a night out on the town. With this piece you also won’t need your wallet, American Express card holders can link their account to this bracelet and charge that morning after macchiato with a simple swipe

This sleek Michael Kors design features crystal accents and a shining engraved face. Keep your health on track and look great while doing it. Get this step and sleep tracker, in gold, silver or rose-gold.

Designed specifically for women The Leaf tracks stress levels, steps, calories burned, sleep and menstrual cycles. This will be the only piece of techwear you’ll ever need to get an overall view on your health physically  and mentally.

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