Easy Stretches to Avoid Muscle Aches When Traveling

Summertime is here, which means long road trips, and plane rides. Vacations are always a fun and exciting part of summer. However, the muscle aches and tightness that follow from sitting for hours can have a negative impact on your body!

Here are 3 great stretches for you to do before, during and even after your trip to get your body moving again. Traveling no longer has to be a pain in the neck, shoulders, and back! Try each of these exercises and hold for about 20-30 seconds. Doing these should help loosen your muscles and get your circulation moving again so you can get out there and have fun.  🙂

1.Quad Stretch

When you’re sitting for a long period of time, your hip flexors, hamstrings, low back….in fact most of the muscles connected to your hips are all compressed. And when your muscles are compressed for a long period of time, it can make them tight when you stand up again and maybe even difficult to walk. Doing a quadriceps stretch is perfect to help stretch out the front of your thighs again.

Stand with your feet hip distance.

Shift your weight into your left leg, then lift your right heel towards your butt. Grasp your ankle with your right hand and lightly pull the ankle closer towards your butt

Safely release your ankle and lower the right leg down then repeat on the other leg.

2.  Piriformis Stretch or Figure 4

This stretch is perfect if you tend to get tightness or pain in your back. This is also great to help keep your hip and knee joints properly aligned especially during exercise. This stretch can also be done sitting in your chair on the plane, train or car if you have poor balance I recommend sitting for this.

Plant both feet on the floor shoulder width apart.

Shift your weight into your right leg, and lift your left. Turn out the left leg so that your ankle is resting just above your right knee.

Bend your right knee so that you are in single leg squat and gently push down on your left knee using your left hand or elbow. 

Repeat with your other leg.

3. Chest Stretch

This one is great because the longer we sit our posture tends to get worst. This will help to open your chest and keep those pesky shoulders back!

Claps your hand behind your body and interlock your fingers.

Gently pull your hands away from your body. Causing your shoulders to squeeze together and open up your chest.

These stretches are pretty easy to do even while on the plane or train. You won’t draw too much attention, so stretch away and take care of yourself. Safe traveling!

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