I Made the Switch to Natura​​l Deodorant

Natural deodorants have been a hot topic for a while, but I’ve always been a little skeptical of natural deodorants actually working. Especially for someone who is in the fitness industry and constantly moving. I was always so scared of smelling like B.O. and having a client have to hold their breath as I corrected form! NO JOKE these are the things I have nightmares about. Haha

However, over the years I’ve also continued to worry about the aluminum in my regular antiperspirant deodorant along with the other chemicals in it that I put on my skin every day. Aluminum is the main and active ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants, it works by clogging your sweat glands and blocking sweat from getting to the surface of your skin.

Some research has been done showing a link of exposure to aluminum and increased risks of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s as well as disrupting the endocrine system(your hormones). Some evidence is inconclusive, but honestly, the existence of some evidence is enough for me. Here are a few other bad ingredients:

  • Parabens – Endocrine/hormone disruptors, found in 99% of breast cancer tissue sampled in this study
  • Phthalates – Helps ingredients stick to your skin. Several studies, like this one, have shown that phthalates could impact fetal development in pregnant women.
  • Triclosan – Helps kills bacteria. Some studies have linked it to unusual hormone activity. One study even suggests it could be messing with our microbiomes and day-to-day operations of our genes.
  • Fragrance – Almost every scented product has “fragrance” among its ingredients. Due to an FDA loophole, manufacturers are not required to disclose what that “fragrance” is. So it is impossible to know just what chemicals are being used.

Once you make the change to natural deodorant your body will start working towards getting back to normal. Basically, your armpits have to go through a chemical detox. Sounds fun right! (another reason I was scared to make the switch) Some friends have told me stories about unusual excessive sweating and extremely bad smelling underarms. Back when I was teaching 25 classes a week, it just didn’t seem like a good option for me. However, I started working in an office full-time I knew it would be a good time to make the switch.

I learned about Curie this all natural deodorant with quality ingredients, in 2018 when it first came out. I was blown away with Sarah the founder, her passion and product. Also, knowing their formula is good for people with sensitive skin, I just knew this would be the perfect deodorant for me and it smells AMAZING!

When I started using Curie I was prepared for the worst. I planned on carrying my deodorant and perfume with me all day in case I needed to freshen us, I also picked out clothes that wouldn’t show sweat or hold onto odors. Can you tell I was paranoid from my friend’s horror stories… However, my “detox” period was easy, I hardly noticed the switch. Every day I would take off my top and I was expecting to smell a little but all I could smell was the lovely Curie white tea scent and I never felt the need to re-apply throughout the day even when working out.

I’ve had a very positive experience with switching to Curie’s natural deodorant. It has been over a month of using Curie and I’m still obsessed. I’ve also noticed this deodorant isn’t staining my shirt, which is a HUGE plus for me. If you’re interested in making the switch I highly recommend using Curie, it’s perfect for sensitive skin, smells great, completely natural and it actually works. Did I mention it also only costs $12! So what are you waiting for? Say BYE BYE aluminum!

Since you stayed with me this whole time you get 20% off your first order with Curie, online!

Things to Know for all Barre Newbies

As someone who has been teaching barre for 3 years, it amazes me when I meet someone who has never taken a barre class. It seems like a lot of people are mainly just scared about trying something new, trust me I know that the unknown is scary. I’m someone who usually sticks to a routine and hates changes.

But the reason for this post is to give you some insight on what you can expect for your first barre class, so you can feel comfortable to get your booty into a class asap. I love barre classes especially at MNTSTUDIO, I always leave feeling like I got a full body and well-rounded workout. As someone who was a dancer from a young age, I love the aspect of using the music for the movement and staying on the beat. However don’t be intimated if you’ve never danced before, my boyfriend who has no rhythm(Sorry Bryan) loves these classes too.

Barre classes are focused on strength, balance, and flexibility making them great for cross-training. Within a few minutes of class, you will find yourself shaking and using muscles you’ve never used before. Generally, when we work out on our own we work on the things we’re good at and like to do. So these classes are great to work on those areas that you’re not focusing on otherwise and it will make you stronger overall and less prone to injuries.


Wear Appropriate Attire


You should wear tight-fitted clothing so your instructor can see your form, to ensure you’re doing the movement correctly and avoid injury. I recommend wearing full-length pants or capris because you might be doing some movements where you hold a ball with your leg so the bare skin would make it slippery. Also, wear grippy socks to your class, these will help you from slipping and give you traction when making sudden movements. Even if the studio you’re going to doesn’t require them I recommend having them. Think about all of the germs on the studio floor from people sweating and all the barefeet everywhere. For socks my favorite brand is ToeSox,  they are great for when you’re moving quickly during barre classes because with each individual toe separated they stay on your feet and don’t move around like other brands. 


Show Up Early

Usually, when you’re attending a studio for the first time, you should arrive at least 10 minutes early. They might need to have you sign a waiver and also may give you a tour of the studio. Showing up early is also a good idea so you can get set up with any props you may need for the class, or change into your workout clothes without feeling rushed. You should also try to get set up near the instructor, this will help when you need to see what movements you’re supposed to do. This is also very important if you have an injury. Your instructor needs to know what is going on with your body and how they can help keep you safe and get the best out of your workout.


Embrace Those Shakes

For your first class, you may not be the most graceful person, but this isn’t a dance class so don’t let that get to you. Everyone will be struggling just the same even if they come every week, so they won’t be paying attention even if you’re going the opposite direction. Most people in their first class see the weights and usually go for the heaviest ones. However, don’t be fooled! Those little 2 lb and 3 lb weights get very heavy during class. A lot of exercises in barre are small isometric movements that work your muscles in a targeted area. So your muscles will burn and you might even be shaking uncontrollably during the class. However, always be sure to listen to your body and take breaks whenever needed. All instructors should be able to give you any modifications you may need to help with any injuries you have.



Don’t get discouraged during your first few barre classes, it might take a few classes to get the moves down. No matter if it is your first or hundredth class, it’s going to be a great workout so just try to enjoy the class and music. Even as an instructor I still have to come out of some exercises during a class because my legs and butt are burning! I’m someone that is motivated by music so I like to sing the songs to myself a little while taking a class maybe do a little wiggly dance. 😉


I hope this helps to give you a little insight on how to prepare and feel ready for your first barre class. I would love to see you in one of my barre classes soon, you can check out my schedule here! If you’ve never been to MNTSTUDIO before I have a special surprise for you. 🙂 Message me and your first barre class will be free.  

If you have any tips to share please comment below! I would love to hear from you.

New Product Launch: Radiant Defense

I have amazing news and just in time for our “Indian Summer” here in the Bay Area. Rodan and Fields just released a new product: Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid with Broad Spectrum SPF 30. This tinted multitasker protects your complexion against a variety of environmental stressors and even improves skin’s overall appearance, delivering a radiant, healthy-looking complexion.  

This new product will be applied right after your skin care regimen.  This will help you create a flawless look and even out your skin town while nourishing your skin with peptides and antioxidants. Radiant Defense is oil-free, won’t clog pores, won’t cause breaks out, lasts all day, delivers immediate cosmetic benefits and dermatological benefits over time, improves overall appearance and blurs imperfections.

Radiant Defense is available is six versatile shade and has been tested on a variety of consumers with diverse skin tones to help create a shade for most people. While Rodan and Fields is a skin-care company and not a makeup company this offers medium coverage to help create a even glowing complexion. You wont even need to apply makeup for a natural daytime look. Check out these different before and after images. 

I’ve already ordered mine in Beige, so once I get it I will show you some photos and share my opinion. I’m excited because I don’t wear face makeup, so it will be nice to have a products that can give me a little coverage while making my skin glow. If you want to try this product, get on my waitlist by messaging me! We will officially launch the product for clients on October 1st. 


5 Steps to Find your Happy

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Happiness is one quality most people strive to achieve throughout life. I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t realize how easy it can be attain on a daily basis.

As someone who always is asked “How are you so happy all the time?” At first this question confused me because I assumed being happy was just normal. Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely someone that knows life isn’t a walk in the park, nor am I happy every single day. But I’ve always done things in life to ensure I’m happy most days, living life with a smile makes it more enjoyable. But how do me and other “happy” people get through those rough days, I think is what really makes the difference!

So, I’m sharing a few things that “happy” people do to make life just a little more joyful and now you can too! Because you deserve to be happy!

Start Saying No

I’ve always struggling with telling others no. I’m a diehard people pleaser, so when telling people “No” I felt like I was letting them down or they would suddenly hate me. So I totally get that this is hard, especially when it comes to family and friends.

However, it’s your responsibility to make sure you’re taken care of, physically and emotionally! If you burn yourself out by always helping others, soon you won’t have the energy to even care for those people, let alone yourself.

At first it’s challenging to know when you should say no. But it will becomes easier when you realize it’s taking time away from your overall wellness.

Stay Positive

This is something I learned at a very young age from my Mom. Throughout life I’ve always been asked how I’m so positive and smiling, to be honest this question has always confused me. I see life as something that isn’t going to last forever and you might as well be happy and enjoy it as much as you can.

I understand that some days can feel like everything is going wrong in life. If you try looking for the positives in life, and start appreciating them and you’ll soon notice your mindset changing and becoming happier.

Do Things You Love

This one seems so obvious! Right? When you’re actively doing things you life you will feel happier in general. Schedule “me-time” as often as you can during a week. Maybe it’s just 15 minutes a day to take a walk outside, or to watch the sunset on Sundays, take a bath once a week. Doing these small actions each week can make a big difference in helping you recharge you batteries mentally and physically.

Get Moving

Working out has been known to release endorphins, and boost your mood almost instantly. Staying active is an important part of living a happier life, however it doesn’t mean you need to be running marathons! I know I certainly won’t be doing that again. But if you can find an activity that is easy for you to incorporate, you will also having something to look forward too.

Plan a Getaway

I’m sure I’m not the only person that likes to plan everything! But research has actually shown that planning a vacation and not the actual trip itself will increase your happiness! Having something to look forward to can help you smile as you’re leading up to your trip, probably more than the actual getaway.

I hope that you’re able to use some of these tricks to live a happier life. If you have any to share that work for you please comment below I would love to hear about them!


Feeling tight? 5 ways to help you recover faster.

Are your muscles sore, tight and tired? The is a common issue from pushing your body harder than normal during a workout or from a new exercise that challenged your muscles in a new way. Personally I always get a little giddy when I’m sore because I know I’m using new muscles and pushing myself, but it’s not something you should be trying to achieve every workout. My favorite is when my obliques or inner thighs are sore. (I know I’m weird!)

With training for my half-marathon and Spartan Race, I’ve been pushing my body in new ways, with running and also lifting weights. So I’ve been spending a little extra time giving my muscles some much needed recovery. Research has shown that your after workout routine is just as important as what you do during your workout in order to see the results you want. Here are my favorite ways of easing sore muscles post workout!

Stay Hydrated

I know this one seems like a no brainer. But honestly it’s so easy to forget to replenish your body especially during and after your workout. Staying hydrated can help you flush out toxins in your body that can cause muscle fatigue and cramps. It will also help you avoid dehydration which can cause muscles soreness to be more painful.

I recently got this bottle that helps me track how much water I’m drinking. In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce to an ounce of water for each pound you weight, every day! Within the first week of using this bottle I realized I was only drinking half that amount everyday. I was totally shocked, so this really helps to bring your awareness to the amount you’re drinking.

If you can find a bottle that is easy to carry around you will be more likely to drink more water since water will be close by.  Also, if it’s cute that helps me drink more water because I want to see it and show it off so I have it in my hands, but made sure it’s easy to close so it doesn’t leak all over.

Foam Roll

While a massage is a great way to ease sore muscles and help flush out toxins, it’s not always the most affordable. That is why having a foam roller is the best item to have at home. Foam Rolling has the same effect as a massage on your muscles, it’s a technique that’s called self-myofascial release. The pressure from rolling your muscles on the roller helps release tight muscles and fascia, plus is easy to target a specific area of your body that need a little TLC.

You should get in the habit of rolling out your muscles even when you’re not sore. Spending a few minutes with a foam roller could improve your range of motion, increase flexibility, and help alleviate any muscle tightness/soreness. A lot of people get really intimidated by rolling out or don’t know how to use it to target specific muscles so here is a recent post with some ideas.


This is pretty much the first thing I did after my half marathon. Cupping can help loosen muscles, fascia and encourages blood flow. Cupping is a great tool to relieve back and neck pains, stiff muscles, anxiety, and migraines. The pressure from the cup pulls new blood to an area on your body to accelerate healing and is very effective at loosening tight fascia and muscles.

This is not a super common at home practice, however it’s totally doable. I purchased this at home cupping kit off amazon for $13 a year ago, and this has saved me so many times when my neck or back get knots and are stiff. You can get a kit with a hose and pump to be able to do it yourself.

I usually do 2-4 pumps depending on how it feels, and leave the cups on for about 10-15 minutes.  After it feels a little tight still but it starts to loosen up a few minutes after. Just be prepared to have weird purpleish circles on your body for a week or so. 


Lengthening and stretching your muscles is just as important as flexing and contracting the muscles during your working to build strength, create toned muscles and avoid injuries. You should never finish a workout without stretching after. While stretching may not completely relieve the lingering pain of a intense workout it can help your muscle fibers become healthier and more elastic. Which will help your muscles bounce back faster, so you hopefully don’t have to walk funny for a week. 

Keep Moving

I know that when we’re sore the last thing we want to do it move anything, but that’s exactly what your body needs. Usually a light walk, Yoga class or swimming are great options to give your body a little break while working out some kinks and sore muscles. I always find that after a little movement my body feels so much better than if I just sit on the couch and watch a movies. Getting in some light cardio or stretching will help improve circulation and relieve your aches and pains.


So if you’ve done an intense workout, be sure to give your body a little time to recover but also try one or all of these little tricks to get your blood moving and body feeling like 100 bucks again!

3 Ways to Keep Rolling

By now foam rolling is something we’ve all seen or have heard of at least once, but not everyone knows how to use one. Foam rolling is such an amazing way to help ease muscle tensions, improve flexibility and range of motion in your entire body. This should only take 10 to 15 minutes — you could do it every day but I recommend at least once or twice a week. Ready? Let’s get rolling.


Your glutes are such a big muscle but so many people forget to stretch them. Unfortunately, tight glutes and a piriformis can cause, back pain, runners knee and IT band syndrome.

  • Sitting on the roller horizontally under your body
  • Cross left ankle over your right knee
  • Lean onto your left glute
  • Roll back and forth, and draw circles on your glute using the roller
  • Try an static hold on specific tight areas by holding still for five seconds
  • Roll out right glutes for 30 to 60 second, then switch to the other side

Lower Back

Lower back pain in very common especially with our culture of sitting at desks for long hours everyday. Even active people find they have back pain or sensitive lower backs from running or lifting with poor form. Rolling out your back can even help with mobility and flexibility in your glutes.  

  • Sit on the ground, lift your hips up and place your lower back on foam roller
  • With both feet firmly on the ground, lean over to the right side
  • Roll up and down the length of your lower back. Be mindful of your spine!
  • Roll out right glutes for 30 to 60 second, then switch to the other side

IT band

The IT band is a thick strand of fascia that runs the length of your thigh; when it gets tight, it can pull the knee out of alignment. This band is vital for stability in your knee especially during running, so, if you have a tight IT band you’re risking the knee to track out of alignment. 

  • Lying on your side, almost in a side plank, place your roller on the side of your thigh right below your hip
  • Roll the length of your thigh, and stopping just above the knee. Go slowly, and be sure to not roll over the knee joint.
  • Keep your top leg stacked, or place the foot onto the floor to give you less pressure
  • If you find an especially tender point, try rolling forward and back to release the spot
  • Roll for 30-60 seconds, then switch sides
  • This one might be painful, which means you really need to do this!

Good luck rolling out, be sure to move slow at first as it can be painful! Have questions? Feel free to contact me. 🙂 Xo Carlie


How to Become a Morning Person

Another year has come and gone, yet we still have to-do lists that are a mile long. UGH adulting  is hard! But an easy change to your daily routine can help you be more productive throughout the day and evening, here’s to getting shit done in 2018. 🙌

Waking up early is the perfect resolution if you’re looking for a way to fit something new into your daily routine. Become an early riser this year and get your workout in or get some creative writing tasks done before life or work distracts you. Try these 5 handy tricks to change your ways and become an earlier riser in no time. 


Down a glass of water before bed.

Waking up can be hard especially now with the cold and wet weather hitting, but this little trick is sure to make you pop out of bed! After all no one likes a wet bed… 😳  Drink a glass of water right before bed, you will wake up to a full bladder and you will have a little bit more pep in your set as you make you way to the bathroom. Now that you’re up and in the bathroom might as well start brushing that birds nest and your pearly whites!


Set several alarms and place it out of reach

In the next iphone updated they need to make alarms more difficult to turn off. Literally I have the ability to turn off my alarms without even waking up, it’s a serious issue! But I know I’m not alone on this. These are some tricks I’ve come up with to help me wake up at the butt crack of dawn. I used to charge my phone by my bed, now it’s on my dresser totally out of reach while in bed. (This is also good so I don’t stay up for hours on IG). I also set 5 different alarms, they go off right after another! It’s annoying but works, and soon enough you will start to get used to waking up earlier.


Wake up at the same time everyday

This one is really important, because you need to keep your sleep cycle consistent. On the weekends I give myself an extra 30 minutes to sleep in but honestly I’m so used to waking up early that my body naturally wakes up early and I feel rested. If you don’t get enough sleep on a given weekend just take a little time for a nap, just try to keep your waking up time the same in the mornings.


Turn off your electronics

Looking at your computer, phone or tv screen will stimulate your brain and wake you brain my active and alert even if you feel tired. Try to turn off all electronics at least and hour before bed. Maybe create a new habit, read a book, meditate, write in a journal. Creating a night time routine screen free will help your body realize it’s time for bed and fall into a deep sleep faster. Who doesn’t love the sound of that?


Go to Bed Early

You can’t just expect to wake up earlier, get less sleep and be as productive. You need to make sure you’re getting around 7-9 hours of sleep a night. You can slowly start to change your bedtime by 20 minute increments each day that way it’s not too sudden of a change for your body.


You can do it! The hardest part of becoming a morning person is just to actually get out of your warm and cozy bed. I know that to many waking up early seems daunting but think about how much more productive you can be.  Find what works for you and try to stick to it. Let me know if you have any tricks that work for you!

5 Perfect Gifts for your Fit Friend

Do you have the same issue every year when trying to find the perfect holiday gift for your fitness minded friends? I do, I always take forever on some friends then I panic and get a non-personal gift card just so I can give them something. Not this year tho, I put my foot down and got to work this year early, now I’m here to help you!


Instagram post by @philosophielove

I know this seems like a weird present to give but your fitness freak of a friend will love you forever. This amazing protein powder is vegan, raw and gluten-free and believe it or not, it taste like heaven! I was shocked to find out this powder has more than 10x the antioxidants of green tea and more magnesium than 3 cups of broccoli. With three different flavors, the options are endless for what to add them to.

2.On the Go Blender

Everyone loves convenient things, and this Hamilton blender is the perfect gift to help you friends get healthy without making it harder. This blends your smoothie directly into a portable bottle, making breakfast smoothies a breeze. Also, can be paired with some Philosophie to make your gift complete.

3.DETOX Dry Shampoo

Instagram post by @thedrybar

All of your fit peeps will be so excited about dry shampoo as a gift, especially if you get the Dry Bar DETOX Dry Shampoo. They will be able to get their workout in before work, or even a hot date since their hair will be looking and smelling amazing. Whenever I use this, I get so many people comment on how good I smell…I never tell them that’s just the dry shampoo to try and cover the fact I’ve been working out all day and haven’t showered. 🙂

4.Muscle Roller Stick

These amazing muscle rollers are the perfect gift for your friend that’s always complaining about being sore. They can easily bring this stick anywhere to roll out sore muscles, it’s so small it can fit in a backpack or gym bag.

5.Mat Bag

Instagram post by @cliniquesskins

Yoga mats are big and awkward to carry around, I find I’m less likely to go to Yoga some nights because I don’t want to have to carry around my mat. So give your favorite yogi buddy a bag to make sure they can easy grab their mat and go. They also might cancel on you a bit less, since they will want to show off their bag any chance they get.




* Photo courtesy of MNTSTUDIO

5 Must Know Tips When Washing Your Activewear

Have you ever been working out then suddenly get a little whiff of what seems like week old body odor…..Instantly I always think it is me, I get super uncomfortable and start obsessing over figuring out if it is me or someone around me. Smelling bad is my worst nightmare as a fitness instructor, because I get close to clients when correcting form. Most days I’m in my activewear all day from 6am – 9pm and I don’t want someone to pass out from my stench. Or be like one of those cartoons that walk around with a green smoke cloud!

But if you love wearing workout clothes and smelling fresh, I’ve got 5 tips for you to try during your next laundry day. These tips will help you keep your clothes looking and smelling like new!


1. Don’t let sweaty clothes sit

Most of us will take off our nasty sweaty clothes once we get home and toss them into the hamper or maybe just in a pile on the floor…same thing right? Either way doing this right after a workout, your clothes will probably stay damp and sweaty for a few days before we’re actually able to wash them. This is just asking for gross smelling bacteria to grow and the odor to set into your clothes even after you wash them.

After an intense workout you should hang dry your clothes to prevent bad odors not only on your workout clothes but also so your normal clothes don’t start to smell in your hamper. I like to set mine aside to dry overnight before putting in the hamper.


2. Turn everything inside out

Turning your clothes inside out, makes sense when you think about it. All of your sweat and dead even skin cells are on the material on the inside of your clothes, so by flipping them inside out you’re actually washing the dirty part of your clothes where the sweat and skin cells are.

This is also really important to protect your clothes from fading, snagging and to keep your foil logos looking like new. I don’t know about you but I was taught to turn my jean inside out to prevent fading and also to place my delicates in a separate bag. You should be putting the same care into your fitness pieces, after all they do cost a lot of money! 


3. Fitness Specified detergent

Having the proper detergent can make a big difference in smelling like a grassy meadow with hints of lavender or like the current Guinness World Record holder for body odor…. You don’t want to be that person! There are specific detergents that can help fight against odor causing bacteria in your clothes. I also love using Downy Unstopables in the fresh scent.

The day after I used Downy Unstopables for the first time, I was in a class and we did a forward fold, I suddenly felt like I was in a commercial. I got a whiff of my clothes and everything around me just stopped while I kept smelling my clothes. Kinda weird when you realize you’re in a class just smelling yourself. Haha but no shame I smelled damn good!

While it is nice to have that fresh and clean smell in your clothes you need to also make sure you’re not overdoing the detergent. Using too much can actually make your clothes stink, it’s like the story about the three little bears but with your workout clothes. While too little doesn’t clean your clothes, too much could be worst. Washing machines use the same amount of water even if you add more soap, so all the excess detergent will stay in your clothes. Making your clothes the perfect home for fungus and mildew to grow. 


4. Use the Proper Settings

Fitness clothes are not cheap but they can last you a long time if you take proper care of them. When washing use only cold water and on a delicate spin cycle. This will help prevent fading, shrinkage and the fabric from breaking down.


5. Hang to Dry

Extreme heat is the easiest way to ruin your super cute workout clothes. You can quickly go from fabulous to fading in two washes! The best way to ensure your clothes don’t fade, pill, melt or shrink is it air-dry them. Since I live in the city and have little to no space it’s hard to find a place to actually hang my clothes  to air-dry but it’s possible if you love your active wear as much as I do. Just get creative. 🙂


Do you have other tips for taking care of your activewear and making it last? Let me know in the comments!


North Bay Wildfires

It breaks my heart to see so many loved ones in my hometown at the center of such a big disaster. With several wildfires raging through Napa County and many neighboring counties,  I’m in shock and overwhelmed with emotions like many.

The wildfires still are not yet contained, all we can do it hope no more lives are lost as the firefighters continue to bravely save as many lives and homes as they can. Please stay safe and check your local news for the latest updates. The easiest way to get this information is to text your zip code to 888777 to new information via texts such as evacuations, emergency shelter locations, and road closures.

As a third generation “Napkin” I’m so proud to say I was born and raised in a beautiful, friendly and strong community. I know we will all come together to help those in need. With me living in SF, while my whole family is in Napa I’ve felt a little helpless. Many people I’ve talked to in Napa actually feel the same. I started looking into ways to help and have listed some below.



With so many friends and family affected by these fires I wanted to give back as much as I can. So I’m teaming up with MNTSTUDIO in SF to host a donation-based class on Saturday October 14th at 9am.  You can sign up online, here. All donations will go to the Napa Valley Community Foundation. I will also be going up to Napa to check on my family and friends. Along with volunteer at the shelters currently in place. If anyone would like to come help please reach out, or if you have anything you would like to donate to help, it would be very appreciated.

Many have lost everything, at this time we need to come together as a community and help those in need. With so many way to help, you can donate to the Red Cross, drop off supplies to the shelters listed below, or donate to the food pantries.

Evacuation centers

If you live in the area and would like to volunteer please check in with your local evacuation centers listed below to see how you can help, or you can sign up with The Red Cross as a volunteer.

Napa County
Crosswalk Community Church in Napa(at capacity)
Napa County Fairgrounds in Calistoga on Oak Street
Napa Valley Junior College on SR-221 south of Imola Ave
Sonona County
Analy High School, 6950 Analy Avenue, Sebastopol
Guerneville School, 14630 Armstrong Rd. Guerneville
Healdsburg Community Center, 1157 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg
1st Presbyterian Church, 939 B Street, Petaluma
Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building, 1094 Petaluma Blvd. South, Petaluma
Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds, 175 Fairgrounds Drive, Petaluma
Sonoma Raceway campground, directly across from the raceway on HWY 121
Casa Grande High School, 333 Casa Grande Rd, Petaluma
Church of Christ, 370 Sonoma Mountain Parkway, Petaluma
Sally Tomatoes, 1100 Valley House Drive, Rohnert Park
Technology Middle School, 7165 Burton Ave, Rohnert Park
Waldo Rohnert Elementary School, 550 Bonnie Ave., Rohnert Park
Burton Recreation Center/RP Community Center, 5401 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park
Sonoma County Fairgrounds, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa
Finley Community Center, 2060 West College Avenue, Santa Rosa
Cook Middle School, 2480 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa
New Vintage Church, 3300 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa
Victory Outreach Church, 4042 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa(at capacity)
St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 500 Robinson Road, Sebastopol
Altamira Middle School, 17085 Arnold Drive, Sonoma
Windsor High School, 8695 Windsor Road, Windsor
Huerta Gymnasium, 9291 Old Redwood Highway, Windsor
Elsie Allen High School, 599 Bellevue Avenue, Santa Rosa
Lawrence Cook Middle School on Sebastopol Road in Santa RosaNew Life Christian Fellowship Church in Petaluma, at 1310 clegg street
Petaluma Community Center at 320 N. McDowell B. (at capacity)
Rohnert Park Rec Center at 7421 Burton Ave.
Santa Rosa at Finley Community Center on West College Avenue at Stony Point Road (at capacity)
Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris Street, Sebastopol
Sonoma Valley High School

Marin County
Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium at 10 Avenue of the Flag in San Rafael
Lighthouse Christian Church at 1915 Novato Blvd in Novato
Novato Methodist Church at 1473 S Novato Blvd in Novato
Marin Humane Center/Animal Shelter at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd in Novato
Solano County
Solano Community College Library parking lot at 4000 Suisun Valley Rd in Fairfield

Animal Shelters

Napa County Animal Shelter at 942 Hartle Ct, Napa (will shelter dogs, cats, rabbits and other household animals)
Sonoma County Fairgrounds at 1350 Bennett Valley Road. (Open for large- and medium-sized livestock and farm animals) Access the Fairgrounds via Gate 7 on Aston Ave and Sonoma- Marin Fairgrounds at 175 Fairgrounds Drive in Petaluma
Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds (open to accommodate small livestock and other farm animals), access via Gate 4 on 175 Fairgrounds Dr (Petaluma)
Napa FFA – Vintage High School Farm is taking livestock in Napa County. Address is 1185 Sierra Ave, Napa or they will pick up animals. Students are working around the clock caring for over 200 displaced animals.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support! Please keep sending positive vibes. XOXO